We make moments in your day through snacks

Each of our boxes is a curated collection of the best snacks and drinks. Full of added extras like candles, tea and much more. Keep them for yourself or send one to someone else. Everything else is complicated, your snacks shouldn't be.

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Each of our boxes is an edit of the best drinks and snacks made in the UK today.


You can choose the mood that matches your preferred snack schedule & change your choice anytime.


Sustainability is at the heart of how we work, all of our boxes are packaged plastic-free and can be recycled.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help so if you have any other questions, drop us a line.

You can't choose individual items, but each month we curate a selection of the best snacks and drinks for you. Let us know what you like or don't like - we change our choices depending on your tastes.

Our add-ons are a selection of special items that you can add into any of our boxes depending on what you feel like. These products change once a month to give you a taste of the latest brands and products we're working with.

Add a little extra

Each month we curate a selection of our favourite products that you can add into each box.

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