Mini Moment


Our Mini Moment box is our version of giving your pal a hug or taking them out for a treat on their birthday.
Perfect for sending to all the friends we can’t see or for giving ourselves a moment to stop and pause in our busy days. Ideal to have in the bath, sitting on the sofa or even for taking on your daily walk.

This box includes:

● One cocktail or seltzer of your choice (both 330ml cans)
● One bag of 2die4 Activated Tamari Almonds
● Two bars of Love Raw chocolate
● One of our Good Canteen essential oil scented candles

Vacay Cocktails

Moscow Mule

Ultra-smooth, triple distilled Misty Isle Vodka, crafted in small batches on the Isle of Skye. Blended with ginger beer, tangy lime juice and a dash of Angostura bitters, this delicious blend will keep you coming back for more. 6.5% ABV

Tom Collins

Crafted with award-winning 58 Gin, a small-batch copper distilled gin produced in Hackney Downs. 58 Gin’s unique botanicals blend perfectly with floral and tangy Sicilian lemon juice, bubbly soda water and a dash of natural cane sugar. 6.1% ABV


Blue-Weber agave tequila, double-distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. This ultra-smooth Blanco tequila pairs brilliantly with sour-sweet pink grapefruit and tangy lime juice. We finish this classic cocktail with bubbly soda water and a hint of natural cane sugar. 5.7% ABV

Blood Orange Vodka Soda

Ultra-smooth, triple distilled Misty Isle Vodka with sweet blood orange juice and a hint of hibiscus syrup, topping it off with bubbly soda water. 5.2% ABV

Something & Nothing Seltzers

All our seltzers contain grape juice and lemon juice to give balance and a full flavour.

Cucumber Seltzer

The coolest of cucumbers being even more cool than usual.

Rose & Hibiscus Seltzer

Its sharp, refreshing, botanical and definitely unexpected.

Yuzu Seltzer

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit. It tastes like the sound a band would make if their members were a tangerine, grapefruit and a lemon.



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